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My licensing details have changed

Tariff CalculatorYour licence is calculated based on a number of factors that we are aware are subject to change. You may have moved to a smaller/larger unit, have more/less locations, or may be paying centrally through another body. Please let us know as soon as possible if any details need to be amended.

Our terms and conditions are printed on the back of all invoices.

Those relevant to amending licencing details are:

  • If you stop using copyright music for any reason, you must notify PPI in writing to:
    PPI, FREEPOST, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin or by email to info@ppimusic.ie.
    In such circumstances, PPI may, at its sole discretion, apply a pro-rata reduction to the amount due or refund a portion of licence fees paid, subject always to the minimum fee. Failure to notify PPI within a reasonable time but in any event before the end of the relevant calendar year will result in no pro-rata adjustment.
  • The criteria upon which your licence fee is based are printed on the face of your Invoice. Please check to make sure they are correct. If you are in any doubt, please contact PPI. Paying the invoice amount indicates that you confirm the accuracy of your licensing criteria.
  • PPI cannot refund licence fees paid in previous licensing years.
  • PPI can only amend invoicing details during the calendar year in which the event giving rise to a requirement to amend an account arose. In other words, if you only tell us today that you stopped using copyright music 3 years ago, you will still be liable for paying all licence fees outstanding, with a pro-rata adjustment to this year’s licence fee.

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