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What is an ISRC?

An ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) is an international means of identification of sound-recordings and music-video.

The ISRC code is unique to every record company/rights holder and can be used to identify royalty payments.

An ISRC code consists of 12 characters and separated into 4 elements:


Note: there is no hyphens or spaces in the ISRCs

Country CodeFirst Registrant CodeYear of ReferenceDesignation Code

  • Country Code: represents the country of residence of the registrant, IE = Ireland
  • First Registrant Code: identifies the rights holder of the recording at the time the ISRC was allocated.
  • Year of Reference: identifies the year in which the ISRC was allocated to the recording (19 for 2019, 20 for 2020 etc.)
  • Track Designation Code: is assigned by the rights holder/producer and consist of 5 digits. The Numbers are assigned sequentially, ie 00001, 00002 etc. In each new calendar year this designation code should reset to 00001.

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Guide to ISRCs and completing the Track Registration Form.

How do I get an ISRC code?

In order to obtain an ISRC code, please complete the short form below, or send these details to

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If you have any further questions regarding ISRC codes, please contact the ISRC Department on Tel +353 1 280 5977 or email

Please also refer to the ISRC section on the IFPI website for further information

The latest issue of the ISRC handbook is available from


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