How much does a PPI licence cost? PPI Music Licence Fee, Background Music Licence

How much does a PPI licence cost?

Tariff CalculatorThe cost of a licence is based on several aspects which can include the type and size of the business. Payment is usually made once a year but may be for shorter periods by agreement, or once off for a particular event.

The cost of your licence may depend on several factors such as:

  • Business type (eg shop, pub)
  • Square metre area of where the music is audible on the premises
  • The number of seats (eg restaurant)
  • The number of classes (eg dance school or gym)
  • Number of phone lines (eg music on hold)

To apply for a PPI licence:

Apply for a PPI Licence

To find out how much your PPL licence could cost, select a category that best describes what you do:

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