Do I need a PPI licence? PPI music licence, event music licence, background music licence

Do I need a PPI licence?

Tariff CalculatorIf you use copyright record music in public you will need a PPI Licence, including radio, TV, PC, ipod or any other means. “Public” means anywhere outside the family circle.

Why do I need a licence?

A PPI licence ensures that record companies and performers are being fairly paid for the use of their music.

The people who wrote the music have a right to be paid whenever their songs are played in public. So too, the people who recorded and released the music.

Composers, publishers, performers and record companies are all entitled to be paid a fee whenever their creations are used in a public.

PPI is different from IMRO

IMRO collects on behalf of the composers and publishers. In most instances both a PPI and an IMRO licence are required.

IMRO, the Irish Music Rights Organisation, is an entirely separate organisation representing composers and music publishers. Whenever copyright music is publicly performed either by way of recordings or live performance, an IMRO licence is required.

Who needs to pay?

Owners of premises or promoters of events where sound recordings are publicly performed such as niteclubs, hotels, restaurants, cafes, clubs, dance & aerobic classes, greyhound tracks, football grounds, shops, hairdressers, banks, amusement arcades, cinemas, factories, fashion shows, offices, music on hold, doctors and dentists waiting rooms, bingo halls, museums, galleries, swimming pools, coaches etc. FAQ’s

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