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Track Registration is COMPULSORY for PPI membership - we require either an EXCEL OR ONLINE form submission
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(d) If none of the above applies to you, please explain how your right to collect payments for the performing rights for the Republic of Ireland arises:

Current Products

Please enclose the following with your application:-

A) Track Registrations: please download and complete the track registration template and email your entire repertoire to, or complete the online track form (maximum 15 tracks).


B) sample of cds/videos/dvds currently available (scanned CD/DVD artwork detailing record label/ (p) name details is suffice). Please email this to, or the Web link option (see below) would be better.


A web link to one of the recognised digital download sites in Ireland (see pro music ), where your product(s) are on sale, detailing record label/ (p) name details.

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