Member Registrations

Registering Recordings

This page applies to PPI Member Registration only - to register for ISRC purposes or if you have recently applied for Membership of PPI you can register recordings on this page.

PPI Member Registrations

It is essential that PPI Members’ register recordings for distribution matching, reporting and payment purposes.

myPPL – online registrations
PPL (UK) provides back-office support to PPI in respect of repertoire registrations and audio distribution matching.
PPI Members can register recordings online using the PPL Portal myPPL.
As distribution matching is done for the Irish distribution - you must indicate Ireland/Worldwide rights in the Rights Territories (where applicable).

Note: this may vary depending on myPPL access and how registrations are submitted by members to PPL. For example: Agents, CMOs and Major registrations may be handled differently.

PPL Producer IDs
All myPPL users (producers/labels) are assigned PPL Producer IDs, if you need us to confirm this please email PPL Producer IDs are mandatory for bulk registrations.

Note: PPL Producer IDs are registered by PPI for reporting and payment purposes also - you must keep PPI up to date in relation to any producers that you wish to register and any producers that you no longer represent in Ireland - including the producer representative end dates.

myPPL Password Reset
Members with myPPL access can reset their password if needed or if you have not signed in yet to myPPL. Please do not click on the link for Not yet a PPL Member.

myPPL User Guides
Before registering tracks on myPPL we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the guides on the links below and the Assistant Guide and Frequently Asked Questions document
Video Guides   
PPL Repertoire Data Policy
PPL Repertoire Style Guide
Bulk Repertoire Import Guide
Register Repertoire User Guide

Bulk Registrations Template and Online Track Form

You can use this template to register recordings on myPPL, please refer to the user guides that includes information regarding file formats and the information required in each of the fields.

PPI Track Registration Form - CSV            View SAMPLE PPI Track Registration Form

If you don’t have excel on your machine or you wish to complete the table below instead of the bulk CSV template - you will be emailed a copy of the file after submitting it, then proceed to register it yourself on myPPL (Bulk Upload My Repertoire).

Track Registration Form

Only complete this form if you have the ISRCs and all of the information that is required.

Should you have any queries about logging in, confirming your PPL Producer ID etc. please contact us at

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