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Using Music At A BusinessIf you use copyright recorded music in public you need a PPI Licence. This includes radio, TV, PC, iPod, MP3 player or any other means. "Public" means anywhere outside the family circle

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Using Music For BroadcastPPI licenses radio stations based in the Republic of Ireland to use recorded music in all forms of radio, from terrestrial analogue and digital broadcasting to satellite and online radio streaming. PPI also licences TV stations to include recorded music and music videos in their transmissions.

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Looking for a music supplier?


The Law

Find a Licensed Music SupplierMusic suppliers offer background music services tailor-made for your business. The right type of music has been proven to put your customers in a spending frame of mind, and professional background music suppliers know exactly what works and when. But make sure your music supplier is licensed by PPI. Read more...


The LawIf a business requires a PPI licence but does not obtain one it is in breach of Copyright Law. This is also unfair to those other businesses who have paid for a PPI licence, not to mention the tens of thousands of performers and record companies who are responsible for the recorded music that the unlicensed business is using. Find out more...



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